Introducing the Westherm 6 TRV

The Westherm 6 is the newest addition to Westco’s popular Westherm family of TRVs. British made, it comes with the same durability and ease of installation you’ve come to expect from Westco products. With a powerful sensor, the Westherm 6 TRV detects even the slightest temperature variations to help users keep better control of room temperature and keep heating costs down.

Product Specifications

  • Bi-directional
  • Designed to European Standard EN215
  • Frost protection setting
  • Contemporary design that compliments any designer radiator
  • Available in straight & angled models
  • Wax head
  • 10 bar rated
  • Flow differential 0.6 bar
  • Temperature range 7 to 28°C
  • 5 year warranty

The Products

The Westherm 6 is available in straight and angled models at 15mm/10mm and 15mm/8mm. It is also available in packs containing Nova lockshield valves and Nova lockshield drain off valves.

Installation & user guide

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